At Stuart Park Surgery, we provide the following services to patients:

  • All General Practice health services for adults and children, males and females.
  • Antenatal shared care. This means we provide antenatal care (check-ups prior to the delivery of your baby) shared with the local hospital or your specialist, who will conduct the actual delivery of your baby.
  • Audiometry (Hearing Tests).
  • Blood Pressure checks, Blood Sugar levels checked.
  • Contraceptive advice.
  • Cryotherapy (freezing using liquid nitrogen) for solar keratosis (sun spots), warts and other skin lesions.
  • Ear syringing to remove wax.
  • ECG (Electrocardiography – to check on the heart).
  • Electrocautery for skin lesions (to remove warts, skin tags etc).
  • Health Assessments / Health Checks / Preventative Health Checks. Some of these are fully funded by Medicare with no cost to the patient.
  • Implanon insertion (contraceptive implants for women).
  • Incision and drainage of boils and abscesses.
  • Influenza Vaccinations for the elderly and those at risk of developing chest infections, such as asthma sufferers, smokers, and anyone with poor health.
  • We offer on-site vaccinations for company staff if required.
  • Joint injections and aspirations for certain medical conditions.
  • Pap smears. These are part of a normal consultation, but for women who have difficulty getting time off work during the week, we have a Saturday Morning Pap Smear Clinic, which operates every second or third weekend. Bookings are essential.
  • Pre-employment Medical Examinations. Fees are generally paid by your employer, and total costs depend on the number of tests and investigations requested or required by the employer.
  • Pregnancy testing and pregnancy advice. Management of pregnancies (ante-natal care), until handover to the hospital or private specialist chosen to carry out the delivery.
  • Skin checks for skin cancers, and the removal of skin cancers and other skin lesions.
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Test) to assess damage caused by smoking or other lung conditions. This can check whether you are suffering emphysema.
  • Suturing (stitching) of minor wounds.
  • Travel advice and basic vaccinations / immunisations: We provide a limited service, with travel advice and vaccinations for: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Cholera and Typhoid. We do not carry Rabies or Yellow Fever vaccines.
  • Treatment of minor accidents and injuries: suturing (stitching) of wounds, removal of embedded fish hooks, etc.
  • Urine Drug Screening for pre-employment medical checks or routine employee checks. For example, people working on mine sites are required to have urine drug screening.
  • Workers compensation injuries: assessments, treatment, provision of paperwork required for workers compensation claims.
  • Treatment and management of other work-related injuries.
  • Wound dressings / wound care.

Services we do not provide:

Unfortunately, currently we are unable to provide Diving Medical Examinations and Aviation Medical Examinations. (Doctors who provide these services have a special interest and are required to attend additional certification courses.)

We do not prescribe Schedule 8 Medications (morphine, pethidine-type medications) to anyone. Likewise, the surgery does not store any Schedule 8 Medications. We do not prescribe tranquillisers or drugs of addiction to addicted individuals.

We do not collect blood at the surgery for blood tests, except for the use of a glucometer to test sugar levels. When blood tests are ordered by the doctor, a request form is issued and the laboratory will take the blood sample. Westerns Laboratory is next door to the surgery.

We do not provide routine childhood immunisation (vaccinations) because in the Northern Territory, these are provided free by the Government Community Health Centres.